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    How to Make a Neon Sign (DIY and On a Budget)

    How to Make a Neon Sign (DIY and On a Budget)

    On a Tight Budget DIY

    Everyone knows how infinitely cool neon signs are people simply adore neon light, they are right on trend at the moment too!

    If you want to purchase a neon sign it will most likely run you to $150 for a good quality one.

    But what if money is tight for you at the moment, but you still want to bring a splash of color to your interior.

    Well, the answer could be to construct your own unique neon sign lookalike that should cost approximately $20.

    But how is this possible? How can you make your own neon sign?

    Using EL wire you can make a DIY neon sign to almost any design specification.

    (Think of EL wire as DIY led neon light tubes you can use to make your very own neon sign).

    Making DIY Custom Neon Sign

    A DIY neon light sign can be very quick and easy to make, the first step is to decide upon the design.

    The size is of importance as you want the DIY neon sign to fit in with your home decor and not to look out of place and garish.

    The color of your sign is also another aspect that can impact how fitting the sign is to space.

    Luckily the EL wire used in the construction of custom neon is available in a wide range of colors.

    You are at an advantage when making custom neon signs as you have total control over these factors of size and color, so can ensure that the design is in keeping with your home decor more easily.

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    Neon Light Design That You Want

    The beauty of making a faux neon sign with el wire for yourself is that you have total control over the design and you start work with a completely blank canvas.

    Be it for Neon wall art in your home décor for the living room, bedroom or for wedding decor, it should make for a fairly simple yet rewarding project.

    It also can make a fabulous personalized gift ideas piece for friends and family.

    Everything You Will Need For a DIY Neon Light!

    Below is a list of all the items you will need in terms of any tool required and all products/materials:

    • String
    • A large piece of paper
    • Pliers or wire cutters
    • A hot glue gun
    • A pencil
    • Electroluminescent wire (EL wire)
    • 16-gauge metal wire

    The Method To Make A DIY Neon Sign:

    1. Use the paper to draw out with the pencil your words or quote, even a simple artwork image or shape, for instance, a heart. The writing you use for your design should include only cursive words as the letters need to connect in order to make a sign structure that links.
    2. Next trace the text of your sign with the string. This is a way to measure the amount of El wire you will require. If your string measures more than the length of EL wire you have to try to make the letters of your sign smaller or choose a shorter phrase.
    3. Using your metal wire bend with the pliers into the shape of the letters you have drafted on to the paper. This frame to your sign needs to be one continuous piece of wire, therefore, don't cut it until the total phrase is complete in its entirety.
    4. Once the main shape is achieved you will need to tie off any looping sections with a small wrap-around of wire. Be careful as the points where the wire has been cut can remain sharp. The sign at this stage may not lay flat, therefore where it is raised create small bends in the wire to even it out. It doesn't have to be perfect but more or less an even surface to put the El wire on.
    5. get your El wire and your glue gun. Working in small sections glue the El wire to the metal frame a small amount at a time. This is as you will need to hold it in place for 10-15 seconds on each application of glue in order to let it dry.
    6. Note for the top of any letter i's you can make the dot by tying off a loop of EL wire with a scrap of the metal wire.
    7. That's it you have made your DIY neon light. Connect up the battery pack to the El wire and fix the sign to the wall using a clear pin. For the battery pack, you can rest this on a lower surface or attach it to the wall with velcro and command strips.

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    Final Thoughts on Making Homemade DIY EL Wire LED Neon Signs

    With your custom neon complete you need to decide where in your home you will place it. It can add a new dimension to your home decor.

    Be it in your bedroom or any other room of your home the warmth offered by the neon light given out by the El wire will change your room dynamic for the better.

    This custom neon sign also represents terrific value for money and could hence be used for a wedding when money is tight.

    For those on a budget, this project is a highly rewarding one. As far as craft projects go they don't come much more exciting than the creation of a DIY neon sign!

    When you make a custom neon light sign you should find it very straightforward, particularly if you follow the instructions of this article.

    Overall you will end up with a DIY neon sign that is similar in effect to the super bright LED neon that is available in today's marketplace.

    This is fine for a wedding where the sign will be used temporarily, or perhaps for a kid's bedroom.

    However, if you want an LED neon sign that is professionally finished then take a look at Neon Mama's product catalog.

    For logo creation for business purposes it is recommended that a bought sign is used as this will be altogether more use-able on a day to day basis in a commercial setting.

    You can commission a custom sign from Neon Mama at a very fair price and what's more a 1-year guarantee is included with all of our neon signs.

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