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    How to make LED neon signs

    How to make LED neon signs

    Super Bright LEDs Make the Best Signs

    LED Neon is super bright. Signs constructed with EL wire may look the part during the night time when it is dark, but it is dim by comparison and barely shows up during the daytime hours.

    This method for making a DIY neon sign therefore centers around the use of an RGB LED strip instead of EL wire.

    The resulting Neon light will be colorful and bright, perfect for a custom led neon sign.

    Other 'neon' LED rope light products such as 'Neon Flex' all have a milky plastic diffuser that simply doesn't have the same effect.

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    Inspiration For Your Neon Lights and Signs

    Traditional glass formed neon is handmade so it is really expensive, but this doesn't mean you can draw your inspiration from some more pricey neon lights and get your custom neon made within a fraction of the cost.

    Once you have a design in mind, you will require some items from your hardware store.

    You should buy some clear plastic tube from the, generally, the stuff used in aquariums has a suitable diameter.

    Pairing this with RGB LED lights strips will do the job far better than neon flex as previously alluded to.

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    Items Needed to Make a LED Neon Signs

    • Approx 6mm Plastic tubing, (flexible aquarium type)
    • RGB LED Strip (flexible silicone type)
    • Rigid board eg. 5mm MDF or Plywood
    • 6mm Drill bit and drill
    • Scrollsaw or jigsaw
    • CA glue and hot glue
    • Aluminum L-Channel
    • Shears
    • Black Foamboard

    The Method to Make Your Custom Neon Signage Lettering

    • 1. Use the MDF or Plywood as your base
    • 2. Print out your sign letters on regular printer paper and spray mount to the base.
    • 3. Use the same diameter drill bit as the plastic tube to make the start and end holes of each letter segment of the neon tube.
    • 4. Use a scroll saw or jigsaw to join the two start and end holes of each segment.
    • 5. Using the tube to form each letter keep the start and end of each letter hidden at the back of your base, with a 90-degree turn for each stroke of each letter. Using a combination of hot glue and CA glue fix the tube flush to the base.

    Make a Simple Frame for the DIY Neon Wall Sign

    • Using the aluminum L-Channel and a set of garden shears to miter the corners create a frame shape to fit around the edges of your base. This is done so as to hide some messy wiring. Stick to the back of the base with a small visible border showing so as to look minimalist.

    Partition off the rear of the DIY Neon Sign

    • Using the black foam board make box partitions around each word of the custom neon. This is in order to provide the space to mount the LEDs around each word. You can stick the LEDs with a glue gun. You can also fix a strip around the perimeter of the frame to offer a nice back glow effect.

    Final Thoughts On How to Make Your Own LED Neon Sign

    That's it the full process of how to create DIY LED Neon Lights and some plastic tubes that look like a real custom neon signage.

    With this method and components, the neon light emitted is bright. You can opt for a warm white LED strip as opposed to the RGB color-changing strip we have used.

    Using neon LED strips is a cost-effective way to get that super bright LED light and will result in a DIY LED neon sign you can be proud of.

    The end results when making will be a brighter neon sign than is achievable by using El wire.

    This is a great way to create neon signage on a budget.

    This DIY LED neon sign is one of those projects that is great for casual home decor or even could be used for weddings and other one-time events.

    The LED Neon flex opens up a world of easy custom LED neon lights options to you. You can construct a neon sign based on nearly any design idea with an LED strip.

    For corporate logos and chic interior decor look no further than Neon Mama's product catalog of LED signs or indeed custom sign offering.

    LED Neon signs to form Neon Mama uses super bright LED Neon light and offer a more polished finish than is achievable from a DIY LED Neon sign.

    Our LED Neon Signs represent great value for money and use only the finest materials

    Each LED sign from Neon Mama comes with a 1 yr warranty so you can be sure your neon lights will be shining bright for a long time to come!

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