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    About Us

    Hi Guys! 👋🏻

    Welcome to NeonMama’s House!

    If you’re looking for an awesome neon sign, you’ve come to the right place. Not to toot our own horn, but at NeonMama, we create the coolest custom LED neon signs on the market. Since the beginning of NeonMama, we’ve always taken pride in the quality of our custom neon signage.

    Whatever your flavor of neon sculptures, we’ve got you covered with 1,000+ set designs, in a huge array of colors. If you STILL can’t find the neon light you’re after, we’ll customize your piece exactly how YOU want it! We can even design custom neon signs, and neon tubes based on an image.

    Our customers put their signs in their homes, man cave, bars, businesses, restaurants, event spaces, or anywhere they want to add a wicked show piece!

    Traditional neon signs, while rad, aren’t super safe. They’re made of glass, which we know has a tendency to shatter. They suck electricity like water. They’re bulky and heavy.

    Frankly, NeonMama’s LED Neon Signs are vastly superior to traditional neon signs in almost every way.

    Here’s what you get with one of NeonMama’s signs:

    • Ridiculously Easy Installation - less than 5 minutes.
    • Durable - Our Flex LED neon tubes are stronger & lighter than traditional Neon.
    • Energy Efficient - LED lighting, and state transformers are incredibly energy efficient compared to traditional Neon;

                No tears need to be shed while reading your electricity bill

    • Safe - Our signs aren’t made of glass, so they’ll never get hot, making them fully kid-safe :)
    • Lightweight - Bring it ANYWHERE. Perfect for events, weddings, or any other time you need to blow people’s minds with an awesome sign.
    • Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting - Easy to clean & effortless to maintain. Our signs are built to withstand the zombie apocalypse!

    Got questions about custom pieces? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly team will be there for you.

    We can’t wait to show you our LED custom neon signs for sale. We know you’re gonna love them!

     xoxo NeonMama