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    The Famous Neon Museum Las Vegas

    The Neon Museum in Las Vegas - Prices and Information

    Background History

    The neon museum in Las Vegas Nevada, United States, was founded in 1996 as a partnership between the Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada and the City of Las Vegas. Today it operates as an independent non-profit organization.

    The Address of the Neon Museum is 770 Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89101. The museum is situated on Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza about 3,000 feet from Fremont street.

    The Neon Museum features signs from old Las Vegas casinos and other businesses displayed outdoors on an area of 2.62 acres.

    The museum campus includes the outdoor exhibition space known as the Neon Boneyard main collection.

    The Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) has stored its old neon signs from the Las Vegas Strip, in the "boneyard" for many years.

    It is the final resting place of some notable pieces of Vegas history, like the original Aladdin’s lamp Silver Slipper, and the Golden Nugget.

    One of the iconic signs in the Neon Museum collection is a neon version of the signature of Liberace, including a candelabra and a piano.

    Las Vegas business owners and locals alike consider these signs to be artistically and historically significant.

    In 2005, after years of fundraising, the museum also relocated the lobby of La Concha motel  saving it from demolition.

    This building now is used as the museum's visitor center. This headquarters building was moved and restored at the cost of nearly $3 million. Coming mostly from grants and donations.

    In total $6.5 million was raised for the new visitors center a new park and the restoration of 15 major signs.

    Recent neon signs  acquired by the Neon Museum Las Vegas include the Moulin Rouge neon sign.

    This was the first racially integrated casino in the United States. The Casino opened in 1955 it lasted just six months before closure.

    The sign serves as a reminder of local black history and Nevada's effort to provide entertainment to all.

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    Las Vegas Neon Museum Ticket Price & Tours

    Having operated on an appointment-only basis, in 2012 the museum opened up paid public admissions.

    General admission, allowing 1 hour in the boneyard comes at the cost of $20. Children aged under six go free! 45 minute guided tours are also available and come at the cost of $28.

    Music and light projection show known as "brilliant" uses archival imagery to transport guests back in time into Las Vegas history.

    The brilliant show allows only access to the North gallery and comes at. a cost of $23. Again children under 6 years of age go free.

    A combination of "brilliant" and the guided tour is available for $45. Senior, student, and military discounts apply.

    More price and ticket information can be found on the neon museum website

    Or you can all them on their phone number - (702) 387-6366.

    Note that bottled water is the only food and drink stuff allowed on the Neon Museum campus.

    An Amazing Collection of Historic Neon Signs to See

    The Las Vegas Neon Museum exhibits many different Las Vegas signs. There are currently nineteen working Las Vegas signs in the Neon Boneyard.

    Seventeen are restored signs while two others, the Riviera and Fitzgeralds were received in working condition.

    You truly can immerse yourself in the history of Las Vegas. In addition, there are over 150 decommissioned, non-restored signs of neon at this location

    Notable Museum Exhibitions

    "Lost Vegas Tim Burton" was an art exhibition by the famous Hollywood movie director and producer.

    The exhibition ran from October 15, 2019, through February 15, 2020. It was Burton's first American exhibition since 2009.

    Installations including neon signs, poems, sculptures, and photographs were inspired by childhood memories that he had of Las Vegas Boulevard and Nevada, along with his famous movies such as Mars Attacks and Beetlejuice.

    A Virtual Tour of the Neon Sign Museum

    The Vegas Neon Museum also offers a new virtual tour that lets guests from all over the world experience the collection.

    The 360 Virtual Tour allows visitors to move freely and search around in a virtual scan of the Neon Boneyard and explore.

    This virtual experience costs $10 and allows you an evening visit to the Boneyard indefinitely.

    Throughout the tour, there are more than 130 hot-spots placed around the yard that, when clicked, display information related to each sign.

    Some text descriptions, others include historical photos and some are videos.

    Is The Iconic Neon Museum in Las Vegas Better in the Day or Night?

    In terms of the best time to visit the neon museum, the day time tour incorporates more of the signs and is more in-depth.

    Not all of the signs are lit up during the night time tour. However, if you are more interested in the visual impact of signs that are glowing brightly, you may favor the night tours to really get the best visual effect.

    Final Thoughts on This World Famous Museum of Neon

    The museum is a fantastic must-visit place for those that are interested in the history of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the Strip.

    The Neon Museum has received very many positive guest reviews.

    From the onsite tours to the 360 virtual tours the neon museum truly delivers on providing you with the historical information on Neon In Las Vegas.

    After all the iconic Las Vegas Strip is one of the most famous sights of the 20th century.

    A mix of the burlesque and retro-modern the neon of Las Vegas the strip stirs up emotion inside.

    This same emotion is found at the Las Vegas Museum.

    The preservation of these iconic Neons in the museum is of great cultural importance. It is as such a great cause to support when visiting Las Vegas.

    The charge represents great value for money and makes the Neon Museum a must-visit venue when spending time in Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas would not be the city that it is without its neon strip, so celebrate all things neon at this awesome attraction.

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