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    LED neon signs are sufficient to traditional neon as it is brighter, more energy efficient & can use a variety of light effects. Our LED's contain hundreds of little LED's in a silcone shell. Make a superior Neon product.

    Yes 100% all our signs our low voltage (12v) and all our LED's & wiring are contained within PVC tubing. There is no gas or risk of breakage of glass like traditional neon, our LED neon produces no heat. Safe to touch, even for kids. =)

    Yes, our Neon signs are super easy to install. There are some installation ideas for you -

    1. Mount to the wall: 

    In the box you will find the installation kit thats tailored to your sign. The pre-drilled holes in the sign are easy to be mounted to your wall. Or for not drilling your wall, we suggest you to use 3M Command Strips which can be easily purchased on Amazon. 

    2. Hanging:

    It's also possible to hang your sign from the ceiling. Just mention it and we will pre-drill the support accordingly and provide you with the suspension rope. 

    3. Stand / Box (small signs friendly)

    For table mounted requirements, you have us covered! Acrylic Box or Stand style Neon Sign are what you are looking for. Contact us now at 

    Our Neon signs come in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & white. We also offer multi-color (RGB) and gradient color options. 

    BUT, that's not all. We just selected the most popular colors. If you couldn't find the color you like, please send us your preferred color reference pictures, we may surprise you. 

    Of course! As a default!

    We also provide you with a wireless dimmer, this plugs in between your sign and the power supply and allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your sign to fit the mood of the room. 

    It can be used to dim the light, switch it on and off from distance and program the light to flash/glow in multiple patterns.

    Currently we have prepared 24 different fonts for your custom Neon Signs. If you have your preferred Font we can cater for you. However some fonts and designs work better than others like script and sans-serif fonts. We recommend to use only equal width fonts. Send us your designs if you are not sure. We are more than happy to advise and assist with your ideas.

    For our set designs, we generally offer the smallest size 50cm in width. Some of the sign (simple lines) we can try to make it event smaller. But larger letters tend to look neater and cooler. 

    For Neon Sign Customization, 50cm in width can work for 6 characters is the best we can provide. 

    The best suggestion is to send your design in .JPEG/.PNG to if you have any other questions on sizes. 

    All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with plug for each shipping country) and it comes with a 12V transformer. Safe for any country, any kids! 

    Our LED Neon's are built to last with a typical lifespan of approximately 45,000 hours constant usage. We use the best LED's on the market ensuring a superior lifespan than our competitors.

    A lot of neat tricks! All our Neons come with a complimentary remote control, which you will be able to turn your neon On/Off and put in different modes such as strobe mode, pulse mode, & adjust the brigtheness and speed of the mode.

    For Set Designs -

    Production time: 3-4 weeks

    For Custom Signs -

    Design draft: 24hrs

    Production time: 3-4 weeks after payment (design confirmed) 

    Our high quality and fast turnaround is the strength we can win among our competitors. 

    Of course we can make it in waterproof materials. Please be noted this is not a default material. 


    We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. 

    If the product has experienced damages during the shipping process, please contact us upon delivery and we will happily setup a replacement for you.

    Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email that will include the tracking number from the delivery courier.

    Once you sign has been made we offer global Shipping in 2-7 working days depends on the shipping country.

    Please also be aware that many shipping carriers are experiencing delays due to COVID-19, and regardless of shipping service we use, they may be subject to some delays out of our hands. We will always do our best to ensure fastest possible production and delivery.

    Orders to some countries may be subject to import fees/duties and taxes when delivery takes place. This depends on which country you are ordering from and also how big/heavy the piece is.

    This is standard procedure for any item bought online.

    Most of the orders won't be subject to import fees, but for those that are, please be aware that these fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by Neon Mama.


    Yes all our products come with a 1 year warranty!
    Please note that re-wiring or hard wiring your sign will invalidate your warranty.