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    Create Your Own Personalized Custom Neon Sign

    Bespoke customizable neon signs made easy! Create your own beautiful neon sign, to fit your own unique style & taste. Handmade in our factory to your own special requirements ships within 3-4 weeks, of ordering. With free international shipping.

    Our online sign builder allows you to easily design & customize your perfect neon sign. Choose from 7 base sizes, and multi color options, font options, acrylic backing styles and multi-color effects to craft your perfect sign.


    Our custom led neon is superior to traditional neon tubes, as they are less fragile, more highly customizable and don't waste electricity like the traditional glass neons of old. Perfect for a business, a home bar, a man cave, kids, families or unique inspirational gift ideas :)

    Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly color LED neon strips, mounted on a clear acrylic back boards. Each sign comes with a standard 5 meter power cord with a plug fit for each shipping country.

    Our custom neon signs made to order utilize the finest led lights, and are handmade to your on unique design. We don't use fragile dangerous glass in our signs, so they are completely child safe and our not hot to touch.

    Our signs are built to last and design to last up to 10 years, so will give you many years of enjoyment for your home or business.


    Our made to order, custom neon comes with a one year guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality neon sign, perfect for your home or business.

    Light up your life and order your personalized neon custom sign today!

    Size Chart for Our Custom Made Neon Signs