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    Man Cave Bar Ideas and Beer Signs

    Man Cave Bar Ideas and Beer Signs

    Every man deserves to have a man cave, and a man cave should have a bar with some awesome beer signs on the walls.

    If you are considering building a man cave bar, there are a couple of things you will want to bear in mind.

    The bar should be a friendly space for friends to hang out and be entertained.

    That means having a Big Screen TV, posters, a basketball hoop, some mini-golf action, maybe a pool table but all of this isn't complete without drinks and neon signs.

    You will also want to obviously invest in some comfy furniture and manly decorations to set the mood.

    However, it would help if you didn't forget neon signs, which have been around for as long as bars have because they set the mood.

    The objective of your man cave is to have fun and make sure that everyone that enters has an opportunity to enjoy the space.

    However, your bar should give off that feel-good vibe, with adequate lighting and a selection of drinks.

    If you are in the market for a couple of neon signs for your man cave bar. or looking for gifts for special man in your life.

    We've got a few excellent choices. If anything, your bar is incomplete without them.

    ** Click on this you want to check out some awesome bar themed neon designs, or here if you would like to create your own custom neon light signs.

    Neon Beer Signs for Man Cave

    As mentioned earlier, what is a man cave without neon signs? That's why it is so important to choose the right neon signs to set the mood and have enough of them to get that "Bar" vibe!

    Bar Neon Sign

    Bar Sign

    Neon Mama's Bar Neon Signs look like something out of the average street-side pub. 

    But nothing screams "BAR" more than a neon sign that spells it out! Handmade and unlike those pub signs, these are available in various colors.

    Speaking of colors you can take the traditional route and buy it in red or choose something offbeat in white or yellow.

    You want to make sure that the sign is large enough. Most man cave bars will find that the 100-centimeter sign is probably the sweet spot.

    However, if you have a larger bar, the 200 centimeter neon sign is better. That said, you want to make sure that it (the neon sign) hangs in a place where it makes a statement.

    ** Click on this link if you want to see our full collection of Neon Man Cave Signs.


    Girls Neon Light

    Yes, this neon sign gives your man cave bar a strip club type of vibe, but is that a bad thing?

    Unless you're married, it is the best sign to put up in your man cave bar for two reasons, the first being signaling that you're single and ready to mingle.

    But also, on a more serious note, enjoy sharing drinks and banter with friends.

    Available in many colors, the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Neon Sign is hand made and meant to be durable as well as energy-efficient.

    That means you can flip the switch without worrying about your man cave being responsible for that inflated electricity bill.

    More Ideas for Man Cave Bars

    So, the question you're probably asking is, what if you don't necessarily serve beer in the man cave bar?

    While just about every sign above will work perfectly for the alcoholic drink of your choice, you probably want to lean in something more neutral.

    Many men have to deal with kids and the wife entering the man cave, so it has to be family-friendly!

    So, here are a few more bonus ideas that are not just more beer signs for your man cave.

    Los Angeles City - Neon Sign

    LA Neon

    The Los Angeles City Neon Sign is a beautifully handmade sign for fans of the cityscape.

    It can hang right behind the bar and serve as a form of illumination, depending on the color you choose.

    You don't necessarily need to be a fan of Los Angeles to hang the sign. But if you want something different, Neon Mama can custom make one for your city.

    You can have a neon sign with New York's cityscape, or one depicting Las Vegas if that's more your thing.

    Devil May Cry - Neon Sign

    Yes, the neon sign mentions the name of the famous video game, Devil May Cry, which you have to admit is kind of catchy.

    While this Devil May Cry neon sign is available in a multitude of colors, our personal favorite has to be 'Red' because it is considered the color of the devil and is associated with being naughty.

    Have this hanging behind your bar, and it's bound to catch attention.

    It is, in particular, going to be popular among gamers, who will understand the reference.

    That being said, you can have this neon sign customized bearing any other video game title like maybe Just Cause, or HALO, etc.

    Nothing is Impossible – Neon Sign

    Nothing is Impossible LED light

    We've covered probably just about every other man cave bar sign that will set various moods.

    However, if you want the bar to motivate you and everyone around, then the Nothing is Impossible neon sign is an excellent choice.

    In addition to adding it to your bar, it can be hung outside of your man cave or in any other location you think will be within sight to draw motivation when you need it.

    You Deserve an Awesome Man Cave Bar with Awesome Beer Signs!

    Every man needs a man cave to stretch out, watch the game, and play video games with his friends.

    While it may sound juvenile, men need to have fun to survive and keep in touch with their inner child.

    That's why man caves have those characteristic large TVs, video game consoles, pools, and bars. It is a place where the man of the house can hang out without being judged or bothered by kids.

    Generally, speaking your man cave should be something you look forward to spending time in.

    Take the time to plan what you add to the man cave, what drinks the bar serves, and how it is lit.

    Neon signs are a big part of giving your man cave that "manly" look, which is why choosing the right one is essential.

    Hang On! What About A Cave for Women?

    Great question! Women are far too classy for caves. They have She Sheds instead.

    We wrote a blog post on this link, looking at interior decor she shed ideas.

    So, that's it for this post looking at man cave beer signs, we hope you found it useful.

    Please feel free to take a good look around our site.