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    She Shed - Ideas for Decorating the Interior

    Woman Sat in A She Shed With Her Dog

    These days, She Sheds are giving man caves a run for their money.

    Not only are these backyard hideaways an excellent place for the ladies to have some fun while branding the space their own, but it is also a fantastic place to spend some time alone.

    The fact is that, unlike a man cave, she sheds can be anything you want it to be.

    So, how do you go about staking your claim on a she shed?

    One way to do it is to re-purpose an old potting shed in the backyard, or you may want to build one.

    Or maybe you don't like the idea of a shed and would much rather creation and interior she room in your home.

    Regardless, there are loads of possibilities, and options, to ensure that these are the perfect garden getaway for you.

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    She Shed Decorating Ideas

    Want to create a she shed (also called a she room) that’s all about recharging your energy reserves? Here are a couple of she shed ideas to help inspire you.

    Hang up a “Relax” - Neon Sign to Brighten Up the Interior

    Relax Neon Sign

    In our opinion, the “Relax” Neon Sign is probably the first thing you should add any space you want to convert into a She Shed.

    One of the reasons it is a reminder of this being a space where you relax, unwind and gather your thoughts. In other words, it sets the mood of the room.

    The “Relax” Neon Sign is available in many sizes and up to eight colors, including red, yellow, blue, and white.

    That way, you can choose a color that matches the style and décor of your shed.

    (We have also created a complete collection of Neon signs for She Sheds here).

    Create A Coffee Spot As Part Of Your She Shed Decor

    Coffee in a She Shed

    Granted that not everyone is a Coffee lover, but you can just as easily create a tea spot.

    Regardless, it is essential to carve out a small space of heaven with a DIY tea bar or coffee bar inside the shed.

    Make sure there is a space to heat up a kettle and a few seats for friends.

    You can further give the tea bar that “bar” vibe with a “Bar” neon sign hanging on the wall, preferably in easy view.

    The high-quality neon sign is made by hand and sets the mood for a round of tea or coffee.

    Furthermore, it can be ordered in a myriad of colors and sizes, ranging from 50 centimeters up to 200 centimeters.

    That way, you can choose a size and color that fits in with the space’s aesthetic.

    Show Off Your Creativity with Built-in Shelves Inside Your She Room

    Many sheds have a pretty sizable shelve that’s reserved for power tools. However, this space can also store books, photos, paintings, etc.

    If you don’t have any built-in shelves in the shed, you can hang a few shelves against the wall, creating a display area.

    Here you can place items and decor that make you happy and possibly show off your creativity.

    Expand The She Shed With An Outdoor Patio

    Woman on a Patio

    One of the things you can do to make the she shed feel more comfortable and close to nature is to build an outdoor patio.

    Not only does it give the shed a pretty good footprint, but with a few vines, or potted plants, you can get to enjoy that natural, green vibe.

    Speaking of building an outdoor patio, you might also want to hang a sign outside that welcomes friends and family to your humble she shed.

    We’ve got the perfect one at Neon Mama called “Sunshine.” The Neon Sign is available in multiple sizes and colors, essentially helping she shed owners create that expectation of a relaxed and comfortable space before even entering.

    Surround the She Shed With Nature

    Granted your she shed may already be surrounded by trees, grass, and small plants.

    However, if not, then you will want to create that environment. A few grassy plants, vines, and window boxes with flowers create that tranquil vibe, which helps establish a calm space.

    You can also choose to bring the garden inside by adding decorative plants, maybe flower arrangements, and a few floral plush pillows to give it that feminine touch.

    What is a She Shed?

    She sheds are considered the ladies equivalent of a man cave. A man cave is a term used to describe a room, traditionally in the basement, where the man of the house goes to escape from everything else.

    The man cave can take on different sizes and a myriad of toys, from the latest gaming consoles to home theatre systems and recliners. However, She sheds takes a slightly different approach.

    She sheds are mainly housed in backyard spaces hence the term “shed,” where women create their own space to relax and unwind.

    Unlike a man cave, the focus isn’t on the biggest, most expensive toys that can be purchased. Instead, the focus is on relaxing after a hard day at work or looking after the kids.

    It is the perfect place to do a bit of yoga, drink green tea, and take an afternoon nap.

    A few throw pillows add a dash of aesthetic appeal to what is otherwise a comfortable vibe.

    Why Do You Deserve One?

    Modern-day society is fast-paced, hyper-competitive, with everyone, man or woman, on the go.

    That characteristic go-go-go saps everyone’s energy reserves. Add stress to the mix, and if you don’t have a safe space to unwind, it will not be long before you are burnt out.

    Being burnt out is a genuine concern that many women have.

    Women today aren’t just looking after their kids, but they also have full-time jobs and the intense responsibility of looking after other senior members of the family.

    It is often a never-ending stream of activities that starts at six in the morning and can last till late at night, draining us emotionally and physically.

    A She Shed is a lot like how a battery charger is to your smartphone’s drained battery. It helps recharge you, getting you ready for the challenges ahead.

    That’s why it is so important that women focus on using she shed decorating ideas to build a space that helps them make the most out of the often few precious hours they may have to themselves.

    WAIT - What about the men folk? Don't worry we also have the awesome collection of LED neon signs for man caves here.