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    Neon vs Led Signs and Lights Which is Better?

    Neon vs Led Signs and Lights Which is Better?

    Looking to invest in a new neon light sign for your business or home? Not sure which type to get?

    Two of the more popular signage choices are Traditional Neon and Led Neon signs. Traditional neon is constructed of neon gas-filled glass tubes, whereas LED signs are more simply constructed using LED lights.

    But what's the difference and which is better? Based on a number of factors we now will compare and contrast these two lighting sign options.

    Which is the best eye-catching lighting solution... let's find out!

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    Power Usage and Efficiency - LED vs Neon

    Because Led neon signs are constructed with light-emitting diodes, they are vastly more energy-efficient than their traditional neon sign counterparts.

    The running costs of these more energy-efficient LED neon signs are much lower as these signs use less power.

    An LED sign uses betwen 5-10 times less power than a comparable neon sign.

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    The LED signs don't give off as much heat energy as traditional neon, therefore are safer for installation where they are able to be touched.

    In addition, traditional neon lights are constructed of glass neon tubes. The glass tubing represents a breakage risk. LEDs are shockproof!

    LED signs also do not contain detrimental materials like mercury or phosphor.

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    Neon signs tend to give out a slightly warmer light, but LED signs are much brighter and can be seen from much greater distances.

    Design Flexibility

    LED signs are available in a vast array of colors and can also be of varying sizes. They are reliable and can operate 24 hours a day to better serve your business. 

    The designs that can be created with this newer technology are virtually limitless.

    Custom manufacturers of LED Neon signs can also turn around a sign to your design specification in a much quicker time than would be possible with the glass tube working involved in traditional neon lights.

    Glass tubes used in a neon sign are also not as easy to shape as the materials used in LED signs and therefore it is hard to create fancy designs.

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    Purchase price

    Due to the comparative ease of manufacture, an LED neon sign is typically more cost-effective.

    Neon gas and tubes aside from having the higher power consumption and costing more to run as aforementioned cost more for initial purchase too.

    Costs depend upon size and style of course, but there are now fewer suppliers of traditional neon signs given the drop in popularity in recent years.

    Maintenance of Your Neon Light

    LED lights require virtually no maintenance. Traditional neon signs on the other hand do require maintenance, particularly where being used in colder climates which can cause problems with the gas tubes.

    An LED display has no need for repair or replacement of components so this is one difference that people should factor into their purchase decision.

    Traditional neon can be far more costly in this aspect.

    LED Neon Are ECO Friendly

    Not only are LED neon lights more energy-efficient.

    One of the differences may be not considered at the forefront of a purchase decision, LED signage is easy to recycle and leaves less of a carbon footprint.

    So if you want to take care of the planet LED neon signage should be your choice.

    How Long Will My Neon Sign Last?

    Generally speaking, one difference between neon signs and LED signage is the amount of time they will last. A neon tube will last approximately 10 years.

    During this time the transformer which powers the neon may need to be replaced, but this is something that is quite straightforward to do.

    Signage that uses LEDs may last approximately half of this time neon lighting with LEDs will last about 5 years about 40,000 hours of continuous use.

    After this time the LEDs will fade to gentle light and switch off, this takes some serious use first though!

    Final Thoughts On LED Neon vs Glass Neon

    The big question is in the comparison of traditional glass and gas technology vs an LED display for your lighting which has come out on top?

    In short LED signs as the newer tech are generally a superior product choice for the everyday customers need.

    The LED glows brighter, are more energy-efficient than neon signs, and are Eco-friendly.

    LED signage is cheaper to make and therefore to buy. There are also fewer design limitations where LED signs are concerned vs neon.

    So, we really hope that answered your questions regarding a Neon vs LED sign for your home or business.

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