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    Size Guide
    Size Chart
    • 50cm - 150cm for most bedrooms. 

    • 75cm - 200cm for most living rooms. 

    • 50cm - 200cm for most restaurants/bars.

    Size Chart
    • 50cm - 150cm for most bedrooms. 

    • 75cm - 200cm for most living rooms. 

    • 50cm - 200cm for most restaurants/bars.

    The size at the widest point of your sign.
    Select the light color of your sign.
    Multi-Color Changeable
    Add all color combinations to your sign including a color remote control.
    Outdoor Usage
    Apply a special treatment to your sign to make it waterproof.
    Rush Order
    Receive your order 14 days quicker, with our rush order option.

    ❏ POWER SUPPLY: Each sign comes with PLUG fits delivery country, simply plug it in.

    ❏ WIRELESS DIMMER: This remote control plugs in between your sign and the power supply and allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your sign to fit the mood of the room.

    ❏ HANGING SYSTEM: Each sign comes pre drilled and with the necessary items to hang your sign in

    【Materials / Guarantee】

    💯Our premium quality neon signs are made from long lasting, durable and eco-friendly LED Neon Pipping, mounted on a clear acrylic backing. Ultra bright effect comes from our hundred times testing. Total clear power cable around 5 meters’ long, with plug fit for each delivery country. For some competitors they charge extra for the wireless dimmer but on NeonMama you can get the good quality dimmer as a default, let your sign dance!

    💡Since our LED neon pipping either from silicon or PVC (depends on the size and design), they both made the light to last more than 10 years.

    📏 Considering the product size varies a lot, we try to find the best neon strip size to customize each sign. Normally we provide neon strip width 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. All absolutely smoking good quality.

    【Materials / Guarantee】

    Read our full FAQ guide HERE.👈🏻

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    'BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL' Neon sign

    Gorgeous, an insanely high-quality neon sign made by hand and built to last.

    Make a statement and design the mood in any room with this gorgeous neon sign sure to create the vibe you've always dreamed of!

    Sign comes in 7 sizes between 50 and 300cm in width. Available in 9 stunning color options...


    Made from long-lasting, durable, and environmentally-friendly rubber neon piping with a clear mounting backboard - the sign comes standard with a 5-meter clear power cord and white power bank - with plug fit for each shipping country.

    Light designed to last at least 10 years.

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